Who am I

What is it?

  • A way of providing evidence that you are who you say you are.
  • A means of providing evidence that you produced the content that you are posting.

How do I verify my account?

  • A photo or video with you holding up a piece of paper which has your Steemit name and the date on it.
  • A post on an official website, Facebook account or other online location that is already associated with your name/work you are posting which links to your Steemit account/name and would not be accessible to someone else.
  • The SteemVerify service which allows greater anonymity via a 3rd party.



  • To reduce the risk of people impersonating others to gain a following and earn money on Steemit.
  • To reduce the risk of people falsely claiming to have produced content i.e. plagiarism etc.
  • To increase trust.


  1. It does not guarantee that an account will act ethically.
  2. It is not mandatory.

For more detailed discussion of Verification please read this excellent post by @reneenouveau on Steemit: