Are you having problems logging in or Registering?

Steemit has recently implemented a new procedure for account registrations.  

This, combined with the huge current demand for accounts is resulting in delays - in some cases people have waited 7 days or more before their account has been activated.

If you are still waiting for emails or are finding that your login credentials don't work even though you copied them down correctly, this is the most likely cause.

The Steemit team are working hard on speeding up the process but please bear with them during this time.  If you are in a real rush you can create an account using the AnonSteem service virtually instantly:

This will cost you some money in the form of Bitcoin or Litecoin - don't worry it is not a scam.  

The reason for the cost is that every account on Steemit/Steem costs a certain amount of Steem (the currency) to create.  Normally the Steemit company pays this for you - this is also one of the reasons they are cracking down on people making multiple spam accounts.