Curation Guilds

What are they?

Content Curation 1

Groups that exist to look for good content that may otherwise not earn very much money or rewards and try to even the balance. The main aim is to improve the overall standard of curation and reduce the amount of high quality content that gets overlooked.

NB - Right now it appears that many of the curation guilds are inactive for various reasons. Please follow the specific Steemit links to find out the specific situation for each project.


  1. People have limited time and attention.
  2. It is hard for new users to get noticed or develop a following if they are not already well known in the community.
  3. It is very hard to get to the trending page without high value votes and these users may have even less time to curate themselves.
  4. Users who put in a lot of time and effort and are neglected may become disheartened and give up - this is obviously a problem if we want to expand Steemit and attract/retain good writers.



They do this using a number of methods:

  1. Donated SP/Steem.
  2. People who follow their curation trail to vote with them.
  3. Donated votes from high value (whale) accounts.
  4. Most use a combination of the above.

Some of them also post lists of content that they have curated along with regular status updates.

How do I use them?

Each group has it's own submission and posting rules which can change over time. This can include specific tags, post topics, reputation rules etc. Please read their submission rules/guidelines and be sure to follow them.

I have included the announcement threads below but it is also best to follow the associated Steemit account for the latest updates or to check/ask in the related RocketChat channel if available.

Project Curie

Curie Chat


Steemsquad Chat

Robin Hood Whale

Robin Hood Whale Chat

Minnows United

Minnows United Chat


SteemTrail Chat

Crowdfunded Whale